Identity & Access Management Solutions

NdSecure is an Identity and access management (IAM) solution which focusses on the practice of making sure that people and entities with digital identities have the right level of access to enterprise resources like networks and databases.

NdSecure allows IT administrators to securely and effectively manage users' digital identities and related access privileges. With IAM, administrators can set up and modify user roles, track and report on user activity, and enforce corporate and regulatory compliance policies to protect data security and privacy

What is a Digital Identity ?

A digital identity is a central source of truth in identity and access management. It refers to the credentials that a user needs to gain access to resources online or on an enterprise network. IAM solutions match these credentials, known as authentication factors, to users or entities that are requesting access to applications, primarily at the Layer 7 level. The factors help verify that users are who they say they are.

‘Traditional’ forms of identity are no longer enough to ensure adequate online security. The use of passwords, for example, in isolation, no longer meets the needs of a society that relies so heavily on being online – given they are a relatively weak form of authentication.

Trust is the most important currency in the digital world. Digital identities are how this trust is conveyed and embedded, and therefore their importance to our online society cannot be overstated.

The need to Protect  the Digital Identity

  • With the number of entry points to an organization’s IT ecosystem being increased as an aftermath of the digital transformation, cybercriminals have now umpteen ways to infiltrate the system.
  • The digital identity has now been weaponized and transformed into an attack vector to gain access to the IT pipeline.
  •  The reason for this weaponization is that it is the identity that is the only thread which connects to information, IT infrastructure as well as workforce and consumer experiences in this widely distributed IT ecosystem.
  • Cybercriminals have found ways to exfiltrate digital identities during the identity’s lifecycle – during the stage of Identity creation, during the stage of operation, when the identity is put to use, and during the stage of dormancy when the identity so created is lying unused.
  • Identity attack vectors extend the surface area for cyber-attacks beyond the open ports, database vulnerabilities, and insecure protocols that malicious intruders often seek to exploit.


Workforce Protection

Protect and secure employees, contractors, and partners access to critical business applications with features like single sign-on, Windows desktop protection, multifactor authentication and more

Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM)

Identify and authenticate customers to verify and secure business processes. NdSecure supports large scale customer identification and transaction verification using authentication devices like fingerprint readers or a customer’s mobile phone

Secure Online Experience

Provide a seamless and secure experience to customers on your website by eliminating the password and replacing it with strong authentication using FIDO 2.0, OTP, or other technologies. MFA with password is also supported