NdScan-Video Automated Facial Recognition System (AFRS)

NdScan-Video detects, tracks, recognizes, and analyzes people facial features captured on video, still pictures and sketches against large databases.
The technology supports a multitude of usage scenarios in corporate, industry, and government sectors and allows you to implement innovative security and operations management applications in video streams.
Organizations can install the software as a ready-to-use application or integrate it with existing software.
With one installation, you can detect and identify persons of interest while receiving demographic and behavioural data (repeat visits, dwell time at displays, etc.), making it the only face recognition technology on the market that can support security staff and operations management simultaneously.
The statistical and analytical features of NdScan-Video are entirely based on anonymous face detection and recognition. Privacy of personal data is assured. For these use cases, faces are detected, but not  identified, and only anonymous information is stored and used.

NdScan-Video enables you to:

  • Monitor live video streams to observe areas of interest
  • Detect multiple faces in video frames, i.e, recognize a "face in the crowd"
  • Store video of each appearance of a person
  • Compare all appearances of a person to all other appearances in real time
  • Compare database images with appearances in recorded video
  • Generate notifications and provide statistical information
  • Determine when/where a specific person was detected in a specified period
  • Compare single or multiple facial images from video streams or video footage to image databases to detect, solve, and prevent unwanted behaviour, such as crime, theft, unauthorized entries, or substance abuse
  • Identify authorized individuals or high-ranking customers to promptly grant access, give special permissions, or prompt personnel to provide privileged treatment
  • Detect crowds and measure waiting times in specific areas, notify staff when necessary, and optimize operations
  • Analyse movement patterns by measuring the transit time between areas to optimize operations
  • Collect demographical statistics and display targeted messages on digital or other messaging services.
  • Enhance the customer experience by making the right choices regarding interior design, placement of advertisements, staffing, etc. based on demographics you collect.

NdScan-Video Software Applications:

NdScan Video