NdCount Facial Recognition People Counter

Ndende’s NdCount – People Counting is more than a people counting solution. The solution creates the capability to understand the demographics of all visitors. It offers accurate information about gender, race, age and ethnicity of people.
The system eliminates chosen individuals like staff and also repeat visitors to provide accurate real-time reports which is widely used for operational planning, budgeting and marketing in many industries.


Ndende Technologies’ People Counter:

  • Eliminates repeat staff and visitor data;
  • Includes visitor demographics – accurately determining the age, gender and race of visitors;
  • Consolidates data in real time in the cloud via a single reporting portal;
  • Saves historical data for easy retrieval;
  • Provides business intelligence about all visitors;
  • Protects the privacy of visitors by storing facial information anonymously.


NdCount Features



The system accurately detects and records entries, exits, queues and waiting times, allowing you to detect how long people spend in one place and how often that place is visited. This allows an organisation to test the effectiveness of new displays, compare one display with another and monitor queuing times.

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